SQL CLR Basics presentation at PR PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server, Puerto Rico Chapter) meeting

Last Thursday, November 5 2009, I had the honor to be the speaker of one of the sessions of the PR PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server, Puerto Rico Chapter) meetings. I made a short presentation called “SQL CLR Basics”. In it, I showed the attendants the basics on how SQL works and how to get started with it.

I started the presentation asking how many people had and idea of what SQL CLR was. Interestingly, out of 30 people, just a few raised their hands. Most of them didn’t know they were able to create SQL programmability objects using .NET languages and framework. So this was a whole new thing for them. That’s the way I like to do presentations, in a teacher-student fashion.

I think this is a very powerful and practical functionality that every programmer should know about. Although it is not suitable for every situation, the ability to take advantage of .net languages and framework flexibility and power, could really make things really easier in many situations.

I presented for about an hour and followed this script.

In my own words, trying to be as simple as a possible, I explained:

  1. What is the CLR (Common Language Runtime)
  2. What is T-SQL (Transact SQL)
  3. What is a Stored Procedure in SQL Server
  4. What is SQL CLR

Then I explained the kind of programmability objects you can do with SQL CLR:

  1. Stored Procedures
  2. User Defined Functions
  3. Aggregate Functions
  4. Triggers
  5. User Defined Data Types

Then I showed a simple demo of the first three.

At the end we had a good Q/A session and we raffled a couple of books and software. The people seemed very interested in the subject and very satisfied with the presentation (or at least they expressed that in the evaluation forms).

I’m writing a post on every subject mentioned above.

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