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Carlos Bercero Carlos Bercero is a BI Consultant for one of the leading BI firm in Puerto Rico, Nagnoi, Inc. ( His professional IT career started in 1995 playing many different roles in the IT industry. He is now specialized in Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Application Development.
[Solved] XML SelectNodes not working

You are loading an XMLDocument, and when trying to use XPath to get some nodes, plop… zero count.

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[Solved] Unable to remove directory app.publish

Sometimes what you would think should work flawless, it turns out it doesn’t.

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ELAN Smart Pad two finger right click and fast scrolling problems solved

If you’re reading this, chances are you just bought a laptop with an ELAN Smart-Pad touchpad, and for your surprise you find that the right-click context menu doesn’t work as you would expect.

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SQL Stored Procedure Array Parameters Dilemma, Solved with CLR

If you work actively with SQL Server and do most of the data operations using stored procedures, then I bet that at least once, you wanted to pass an array of values as a parameter to a stored procedure (or function). Just like you, I had the same situation. I’ve seen many approaches to this problem and all of them has their pros and cons. I’ve implemented a solution using a CLR Stored Procedure, that I find quite practical and well performing.

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Writing a CLR Stored Procedure on SQL Server

As I mentioned in my previous posts, CLR objects on SQL Server can be very useful in certain scenarios. Here I will show you how to create, deploy and test a simple CLR stored procedure. This stored procedure will return a file list from the file system upon the specified path.

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How to create an SQL CLR Project in Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 comes already with a project template for this purpose. In this example I will show you how to create an empty project.

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What is SQL CLR?

SQL CLR is the ability to create SQL Server programmability objects using .NET languages and framework.

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What is a Stored Procedure in SQL Server

A Stored Procedure is a single or a set of SQL statements typically involving some (or a lot of) logic typically designed to accomplish a business data operation. Think of it as a T-SQL script stored in the database itself. Best practices suggests that all data-centric business logic operations should be encapsulated in stored procedures at the database level.

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SQL, DDL, DML, DCL and TCL Terms – What on earth are those?

Sure you heard those acronyms very often… but do you know what they really mean?

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What is T-SQL (Transact SQL)

T-SQL (Transact SQL) is an sql statements based and data centric language, typically used for operations over a database in Microsoft SQL Server. It provides features such as transaction control, logic such as conditions and loops, exceptions and errors handling, row processing, and declaration of variables. It is the SQL Server native programming language.

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What is CLR (Common Language Runtime)

Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the runtime environment that manages the interpretation, compilation and execution of .NET program code. It also provides services such as memory management, exception management, debugging and security.

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SQL CLR Basics presentation at PR PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server, Puerto Rico Chapter) meeting

Last Thursday, November 5 2009, I had the honor to be the speaker of one of the sessions of the PR PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server, Puerto Rico Chapter) meetings. I made a short presentation called “SQL CLR Basics”. In it, I showed the attendants the basics on how SQL works and how to get started with it.

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My first post!

Hello World!!
Around the globe, that is probably the most famous string of characters that almost any software programmer have used to test their first lines of code. It was for me on my first QBasic, Pascal and Cobol programs I made back in my college years in the mid 90s.

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